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Dr. Alemu Beeftu



Mission and Vision


Missionto find, raise and equip transformational leaders of all ages who have the calling, gifting, and character to correct the past and shape the future.


Purpose – The primary purpose of ELAN is to unite transformational leaders of all ages who have the calling, gifting, and character to make a significant impact on society by correcting the past and shaping the future.

Focus To enhance true accountability in order to produce transformed leaders for transforming leadership at personal, family, ministry and professional levels for greater impact. Accountability in the journey of life is a process that includes:

  1. Making a choice, with your own free will, to answer to another person or group for the personal protection and development of your character and integrity for building a biblical lifestyle. 

  2. It is a process of releasing God-given potential for greater fulfillment in an individual’s life and calling.

Mission & Vision
CEL is fo Whom?

ELAN is for Whom?

  1. Emerging Leaders Accountability Network is for those who would like to walk in divine order in unity of the spirit, purpose and vision of the kingdom to make a difference.

  2. It is for the history makers in the kingdom of God who are committed to move from ordinary Christian life into an extraordinary relationship with God to bring lasting impact by fulfilling their calling.

CEL Core Strategis

ELAN Core Strategies

  1. To build accountability network(s) for correcting history, making history and shaping the future for lasting transformation.

  2. To establish ongoing accountability relationships at a:

    • Personal level

    • Family level

    • Calling (ministry, profession and etc.) level

  3. Establish on going communications for:

    • Regular input in the form of training

    • Reflection 

    • Holistic fitness

    • Annual glory gathering for vision sharing and dreaming together for our spheres of influence and nation(s).

  4. Establishing ELAN at local levels worldwide for greater impact.

Alignment & Accountability

ELAN Relational & Spiritual Alignment and Accountability 



  1. Stay under a spiritual covering for character development, Biblical correction (Matthew 18:15-20) and guidance.

  2. Grow into the highest level of Christian character and Christ-likeness.

  3. Be moved from ordinary Christian life and ministry into extraordinary relationship with God to correct history, make history and shape the future.

  4. Mentor, equip and provide ourselves as life examples or role models and act as spiritual mirrors for others.

  5. Go on a determined journey with a clear goal and purpose to serve God’s purpose and impact generations.

  6. Give into other people’s personal lives, families and ministries.

  7. Empathize with others—sharing both successes and failures together.

  8. Engage in ongoing two-way communication & dialogue with an unselfish attitude—love, submission, trust, commitment, service and sacrifice.

  9. Stay fit

    • Spiritually

    • Relationally

    • Emotionally

    • Professionally

    • Physically

  10. Support GOG vision financially – ELAN Covenant Members will be given an opportunity or asked to participate financially in Gospel of Glory’s Ministries with the understanding that financial participation in Gospel of Glory is not a requirement, but a privilege to honor biblical principles to advance His kingdom.



  1. Apostolic covering by the operation of the five-fold ministry by providing spiritual fathering in prayer, apostolic anointing, encouragement, building up, correction, counsel, guidance and instruction for long term impact.

  2. Leadership training skills.  Conduct leadership training workshops and seminars to equip leaders to help them move from ordinary leadership, lifestyle and relationship with God, to an extraordinary place of co-laboring with Him for lasting and true transformation. 

  3. Emerging Leaders Accountability Network (create network with likeminded individuals and churches) for long-term character and resource development as well as enhancing spiritual unity and synergy to advance kingdom work. 

  4. Create an ELN forum for the refection and exchange of insight, wisdom, experiences, and long-term spiritual unity for greater blessings. (Psalms 133). 

  5. Mentorship and support for leaders and churches who will implement biblical government among the Body of Christ for a greater demonstration of the power of the gospel.

  6. Biblically sound and culturally relevant resource materials with appropriate training and teaching of the word to enable the Body of Christ to declare God’s glory among their communities more effectively.

  7. Commission and ordain those who have a true calling and Christ like character according to their offices. 

  8. Provide a five-fold ministry covering, network and impartation (Apostolic coverage, prophetic, evangelistic, pastoral and teaching).

Optimizing your life to fulfill God’s purpose – Spiritual Accountability looks at how we train young leaders to take up the mantle and accept accountability in each subsequent generation. This book relates to dreaming – to seeing the future of the faith and the paths that will lead to that future.

What are the Requirements of ELAN?


Any working relationship with Gospel of Glory should be voluntary and shall be considered ongoing unless a person, church or ministry willingly removes themselves from participation or is asked to withdraw. In order for individual leaders, ministries and churches to join CEL at a covenant level, the following are required:

  1. Agreement with Ministry Philosophy:

    • Definition:  Emerging Leaders Accountability Network (ELAN) is responsible and accountable for the personal spiritual journey and maturity of another person by accepting responsibility to help another person to be all God intended for him or her to be.

    • Purpose:  ELAN is a means of releasing God-given potential for a greater fulfillment in individuals or churches, ministries lives and callings. ELAN isn’t a controlling mechanism, but a release process for long-term impact.

    • Focus: Fathering with true love, care, concern, protection, provision, guidance and discipline for spiritual well-being and professional leadership effectiveness.

    • Process:  An ongoing, healthy relationship for the purposes of spiritual revelation, impartation, activation and correction.

  2. Commitment to be a part of ELAN under Gospel of Glory: 

    • Read our Spiritual Accountability book, fill out the application form and submit it to Gospel of Glory online.

    • Attend the ELAN gathering to fully understand the ministry philosophy of Gospel of Glory.

    • Receive a recommendation from an existing Member of ELAN.

    • Agree with Gospel of Glory’s statement of faith and ministry philosophy.

  3. Understand and honor Covenant relationship (Those who seek commission or ordination from GOG) which is bases on:

    • The highest level of Christian character and Christ likeness

    • The highest level and character of love

    • The highest level of submission

    • The highest level of trust

    • Long term commitment

    • Journey with determination and a clear goal and purpose

    • Full access to the other person’s personal life, family and ministry

    • Identification—sharing both successes and failures together

    • Ongoing two-way communication & dialogue with an unselfish attitude—submission, service and sacrifice

    • Willingness to stay under our spiritual covering for continued character development. As well as a willingness to mentor, equip and provide yourself as a life example or role model and act as a spiritual mirror for others.

    • Complete our formal application, personal interview and personal development and ministry vision.

    • Willingness to stay fit

      • Spiritually

      • Relationally

      • Emotionally

      • Professionally

      • Physically

      • Financially – ELAN Covenant Members will be given an opportunity or asked to participate financially in Gospel of Glory’s Ministries with the understanding that financial participation in Gospel of Glory is not a requirement, but a privilege to honor biblical principles to advance His kingdom. ELAN Covenant Members may support the ministry from personal income or from their church’s or ministry’s general budget or consider designating one Sunday a year to receive special offerings for Gospel of Glory’s ministries. 

  4. Willingness to accept biblical correction (Matthew 18:15-20) as our basis of action, a member of the ELAN may be dismissed from the ELAN covenant membership by an Apostolic Overseer (Spiritual Father) along with the Core Leadership Team. If the members of the Core Leadership Team witness true repentance, then the Core Leadership Team, along with the person’s Apostolic Overseer (Spiritual Father), if applicable, shall deal with the offending member appropriately.

  5. Willingness to Sign letter of agreement to be accountable

Requirements of CEL
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