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ELAN Application


Please read the ELAN summary below and check the agree box to continue to the application page. 



“Spiritual Accountability” takes things a step further and looks at how we train young leaders to take up the mantle and accept accountability in each subsequent generation. This book relates to dreaming – to seeing the future of the faith and the paths that will lead to that future.


When accountability is understood and practiced in accordance with the word of God, it is not a controlling mechanism, but rather a freeing covenant relationship for achieving greater things for God. The basis for effective biblical accountability is an ongoing healthy relationship between the individual Christian and God. The goal and purpose of biblical accountability is to mentor, equip, train, support, guide, encourage, correct, share, teach and communicate for the purpose of achieving the maturity and character development that result in true personal transformation.


There are many different levels of accountability, and spiritual freedom that allows each Christian leader to select the level at which they will operate. The book describes the most common forms of accountability – general knowledge accountability, team accountability, and structural accountability – and notes that each of these levels of accountability has an important place in the world. However, for Christians aspiring to leadership roles and for the future of the church and of the body of Christ, a higher level of accountability is required. That is the level of relational accountability.


Therefore, the foundation of relational accountability includes friendship, long term commitment, clear focus and purpose, core values, journey with a purpose, spiritual coverage and covenant relationship.


The relational level is the standard for biblical accountability for impact in God’s Kingdom. All other type of accountability levels may have value in certain settings but will never achieve the goal of optimizing life to fulfill God’s purpose for His glory. Understanding and choosing this level of accountability is a requirement to rightly visualize and dream for the future of the church.




This covenant is not a legally binding contract but rather a reminder of the high standards God sets for effective accountability, as well as a formal expression on your part of your desire to grow and mature through accountability. The Emerging Leaders Accountability Network (ELAN) is provided by Dr. Alemu Beeftu as part of Gospel of Glory’s Christian Leadership Training Ministry.




In response to God’s calling and purpose on my life, I wish to enter into a Bible-based, relationally-sound accountability agreement with Dr. Alemu Beeftu’s spiritual covering. With God’s help, I commit to the following standards for accountability:


  1. High level and unselfish attitude of submission, love and trust for the purpose of spiritual covering.

  2. Commitment and determination to honor God and the one with whom I share this accountable relationship.

  3. Defining and pursuing God’s clear goal and purpose for this relationship and my life.

  4. Full access for my covenant accountability partner into my personal life, family and ministry.

  5. Sharing of both the joy of success and the lessons of failure together.

  6. Willingness to receive encouragement and correction for ongoing personal transformation and godliness.

  7. Ongoing communication and dialogue.

  8. Commitment to on-going planned spiritual growth for a greater level of impact.

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