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EGC Mission

To prepare the body of Christ to restore His glory, host His presence and demonstrate the power of the Gospel.

EGC Vision

Equipping, modelling and sending out leaders with new vision to disciple nations and impact society at large.

EGC Goals

  1. To establish ministry of Shiloh, Siloam and Zion - in order to move the Body of Christ from ordinary Christian life to extraordinary life and relationship with God so that they would keep the centrality of Christ by living, loving and serving His purpose. (Shiloh is a place of an altar of worship & revelation. Siloam is a place of sending with a new vision (impartation, activation & commissioning. Zion is a place of His dwelling presence).

  2. To prepare and ordain five-fold ministry leaders

    • Apostle – provides overall strategic leadership, direction and covering.

    • Prophet – provides clear vision for long and short term strategic planning.

    • Evangelist – reaches out to the lost and society at large with the good news of the gospel of salvation.

    • Pastor – provides care and guidance for the saints by meeting their needs in the context of their reality.

    • Teacher – equips the saints for the work of the ministry.

  3. To build  Kingdom Movement - to reach a multi-cultural, multi-language, multi-ethnic, and multi-generational fellowship for worship, celebration, and discipleship and as well as demonstration of the power of the gospel to shape evangelistic outreach in the greater Dallas area, the USA and around the world.

  4. To enhance local church mission and vision to fulfill the biblical mandate of bringing the kingdom of God to earth by:

    • Worship - God in spirit and truth – (John 4:24).

    • Witness -Fulfill the great commission by evangelizing nations (Matt. 28:19-21).

    • Work of ministry -Equip the saints  (Eph. 4:12-13).

    • Work of mercy - Care for the poor (respond to human needs Gal. 2:10). 

    • World outreach - Be the light of the world (Matt.5:14)  


It is our mission to correct the past and shape the future by hosting His presence and demonstrate the power of the Gospel.


We VISION to keep the altar of worship pure and alive as well as train, mentor, disciple, equip, and send out leaders with new vision to disciple nations.


Emerging Glory Center FOCUSESto establish apostolic center where God’s altar is kept pure and worship fire is alive for His presence to dwell; where the revelation of His Word can be released; where His light will shine; and where the power of the Gospel is demonstrated. Focus is to plant churches and mentor church leaders to establish divine order in local churches through the five-fold ministry, to advance the kingdom and impact generations.  Such Apostolic Center is to serve as a center to train, mentor, disciple, equip, and send out leaders with new vision to disciple nations. The center will serve the Ethiopian communities as well as a multi-cultural, multi-language, multi-ethnic, and multi-generational alignment.

EGC Strategies

  1. To establish centers for teaching, training, equipping and mobilizing  kingdom workers.

  2. To establish an Biblical government to equip and send to invade, occupy & transform by understanding, accepting and living by the government the Lord put in place for His church (1 Cor. 12:28).

  3. To support ministry of mobilizing armies, equipping and empowering the saints, providing spiritual covering for correction and guidance.

EGC Dallas


Dr. Alemu Beeftu is the founder and president of Gospel of Glory. We are located at Denton, Texas.



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