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To see a generation of women

arise to bring God’s glory,

reveal His power and

usher in intergenerational impact!



Our EMERGING WOMAN WITH PURPOSE gathering this year will be held from September 13 - 15, 2018. We are believing the Lord for a glorious time. Details will be available in the near future. You can pre-register today.



Spiritual Workshop 2016


We held our first women's conference from September 15-17, 2016, in Richardson, Texas. The conference was a calling for women to rise up and pick up their individual tent pegs just like Jael, to deal with the enemy of the people of God. The primary goal of this gathering was to challenge and encourage women to rise up and fulfill God’s purpose in order to make a difference in their personal life, home, church, community and nation.

The Lord’s presence filled the place during our worship time. The amazing presence of the Lord we felt moved us from worship into identifying the root problems that have been working against women’s calling and anointing. We were able to identify how the Jezebel spirit works against women by using them to attack others.

Another important issue that has been affecting women negatively is unresolved conflicts. In order to address this problem, we covered conflict resolution and the importance of good communication skills for women. Most importantly, we received powerful revelation about guarding our mouths and how to use them to build and edify.


Furthermore, we had a time of powerful and practical question and

answer session with discussion and personal ministry time. We concluded our first women’s conference by learning how to worship the Lord in Spirit and in truth in our personal lives and homes. The impact of the conference was beyond our expectation.

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