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Spiritual Accountability

Spiritual Accountability


[Digital Edition] Optimizing your life to fulfill God’s purpose – Spiritual Accountability looks at how we train young leaders to take up the mantle and accept accountability in each subsequent generation. This book relates to dreaming – to seeing the future of the faith and the paths that will lead to that future.


This book provides understanding the necessity of spiritual accountability and explains its added value.  Often overlooked by leadership, a life journey of accountability will optimize your life and fulfill God’s purposes for lasting transformation. You will finish well and the next generation will learn by example the enduring principals that transform leaders for transforming leadership.


How do I leave an eternal legacy? How do you avoid failure? This book contrasts spiritual accountability with a team and structural accountability and also shows their limitations. You will be challenged to enlist the unconditional support of others as a means of living the awesome life God intends. True leadership success is recruiting a good successor but also producing “sons and daughters” who will receive an everlasting inheritance.

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    This digital edition is in Epub format. If you wish to have a different format please let us know about it.

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